Like any responsible independent business we do have the obligatory list of rules and regulations to protect our guests and our farmstead. However we are not heartless tycoons, so if you have any questions about any of them, please feel free to contact us. 

Minimum Stays

We'd like you to stay as long as you like, and you are welcome to do so. However we do have some minimum stay requirements, and we're willing to bet however long you stay with us, it'll go by faster than you'd like. 

Weekdays: Stay as many or few nights as you like

Weekends: 2 night stay minimum  (Friday night – Saturday night, or Saturday night — Sunday night)


Changes &

We look forward to your stay. But we understand that sometimes plans change. If that's the case please call us as soon as you can to cancel or change your reservation. We'll do our best to fill your spot, but sometimes due to the timing we will not be able to, and we'll have to charge you. Here's a breakdown:

2 weeks or more before reservation date we will give you a full refund, no sweat.

48 hours to 2 weeks before reservation date, we'll only charge you for one night (unless we are able to rebook, then we will give you a full refund, win-win)

Less than 48 hours before reservation date, we will unfortunately have charge you for your full stay.

Early Departure if in the event you do need to leave early, you will still be responsible for your full stay.

For group bookings / holiday and event weekends - we require 30 days notice for a full refund.


Check-in time is between 3:00 & 5:00 pm unless prior arrangements have been made.


Our room rates do vary and are seasonally dependent. For the most up-to-date rates give us a call and we'd be glad to share them. Oh, and they are all subject to an 8% percent sales tax. (that unfortunately we can't do anything about)


We love kids. But we understand that they are sometimes not the perfect ingredient for a relaxing get-away. So we ask that if you plan on bringing your kids, they must be ages 16 and over. If they are staying in your room we will require an additional charge of $25 (per child).

The Farm

We have an active farm with all the animals, tools and machinery that you would expect to see. If you would like to visit the barns or the animals please see us, we'd be glad to give you a tour. Otherwise for everyone's safety (including the animals) please do not approach the animals or visit the barns without permission and supervision. 

The Kitchen

This is where the magic happens, so we wouldn't want you to spoil any culinary surprises, so it is off-limits for guests. If you find yourself hankering for something to eat, please let us know ahead of time and we'd be happy to arrange it. Otherwise there is a fridge in the upstairs common area for you to keep any perishables. 


For everyone's enjoyment, we are a non-smoking property. We do, however, allow smoking around the firepit. We just ask that you inform us and clean up after yourself. Anyone found smoking any other place will be subject to charges and dismissal from the property


Obviously, we love animals, but since we have livestock on the farm we cannot allow any outside pets. Additionally, there are two Golden Retrievers on the property, so if you are allergic or do not wish to interact with our dogs, please let us know so we can be sure to accommodate you.


If you are looking to unwind and unplug, you've found the right place. Thanks to our rural location, our internet is slow and incredibly unreliable. It is however available for everyone to use. Good luck. 

Credit Card

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